Train your brain during the day, for better sleep at night

Relax your mind, soul, and body. Unwind your mind in the evenings to prepare yourself for a long night of uninterrupted sleep. A drug-free product.

Drowzee Sleep Products

Drowzee, the sleep solution, will help you fall asleep quickly. Take a look at our Sleep Products!!

Pendulum App
For those who own a headset. The Pendulum App will guide you towards a sleepy mind.

Muse Bundle
Our starter pack.
Unwind your mind before sleep with Muse.

Notion bundle
Advanced brain-training.
Rewire your mind for sleep improvement.

Sleep Success Stories

I finally sleep 7 hours without waking up! Hurrah!
Ingebjørg, client
I would have liked to keep the Pendulum for longer.
Thomas, participant in NordSleep study
With Pendulum, I am finally able to relax.
Webjørn, participant in NordSleep study
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