How Are You Sleeping These Days?

Sleep Better with Drowzee...

Relax your mind, soul, and body. Unwind your mind in the evenings to prepare yourself for a long night of uninterrupted sleep. 
A drug-free product to help you have a good night-sleep for a productive day ahead.

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How Sleep Tech Devices Help You Sleep Better?

Lack of adequate hours of sleep on daily basis has caused several health problems in adults including insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

The best sleeping gadgets are designed to give you information about the duration and / or quality of your sleep.

And the user doesn’t have to be very tech savvy. As long as they’re comfortable using an app on the smartphone most of this technology is equally accessible to people of all ages.

Track Your Journey with Pendulum App

Use the app to:

  • Set session reminders
  • Track changes in your sleep and stress levels
  • Access heart rate and accelerometer data
  • Explore an in-depth user guide
  • Review trends and session history

Drowzee Sleep & Relaxation Products

Our products help you relax your mind and body. We offer three bundles for you to enjoy better sleep.

Pendulum App
For those who own a headset. The Pendulum App will guide you towards a sleepy mind.

Muse Bundle
Our starter pack.
Unwind your mind before sleep with Muse.

Notion Bundle
Advanced brain-training.
Rewire your mind for sleep improvement.

Sleep Success Stories with Drowzee

I finally sleep 7 hours without waking up! The constant sleep has made me perform better at work and increased my productivity.
Ingebjørg, client
I would have liked to keep the Pendulum for longer. It helped me relax during stressful days.
Thomas, participant in NordSleep study
With Pendulum, I am finally able to relax.
Webjørn, participant in NordSleep study

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