Drowzee envisions a healthier, happier, and more capable future society. To achieve this, sleep is essential.

Today, about 1 out 7 adults in the industrialized world need help with achieving high-quality sleep in order to be happier, healthier and more capable.

Drowzee’s mission is the elimination of chronic insomnia. With an increase in total sleep time of 60 minutes per night for these individuals, we will have come a long way in reaching the goal.

The first stepping stone is Pendulum. The Pendulum provides a targeted sleep enhancing neurofeedback protocol through a brain imaging headset that runs on a mobile phone application.

It enables guided day-time braintraining of the natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep, utilizing the latest advancements in consumer neurotechnology

Pendulum is being developed in collaboration with lead users and the healthcare system in order to provide a scalable, drug-free, and personalized clinical treatment for people with chronic sleep deprivation.

We have a minimum viable product that has been tested in three separate projects. The next steps are to distribute prototypes to end-users, conduct clinical verification projects and industrialization of the prototype in collaboration with our clinical and industrial partners.

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