Our journey

Drowzee is on a mission to eradicate chronic insomnia, using neurotechnology.

The first stepping stone is to provide a neural learning tool that identifies and guides the user towards a mental state of drowsiness. Thus, strengthening the user’s natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. We’re currently collaborating with our lead customers and the healthcare system to develop a scalable, drug-free, and personalized treatment for people with chronic sleep deprivation.

We have a minimum viable product that has been tested in three separate projects. The next step is to scale-up production capacity and verify the product clinically together with our lead customers and industrial partners.

We are continuously looking for driven people that want to contribute to solving a global problem and shape the future by working with the human mind. No previous knowledge with sleep deprivation or neurotechnology is required. We value creativity, conscientiousness, orderliness and industriousness above all else.​

At Drowzee you’ll be part of an ambitious and productive environment. We provide a base salary, stake in the company and freedom to work productively.

Contact address:
Abels gate 5
7030 Trondheim

Org nr: 921 109 695