Want to experience better sleep?

We have a new product launching soon and are looking for 15 beta testers interested in trying out and giving feedback on the technology.

Join Drowzee’s 6-week beta test.

  • Lay down.

  • Listen to personalized soundscapes.

  • Unravel your sleep potential.

As a beta tester you’ll get to:

  • Try out the latest sleep technology.
  • Learn more about your sleep habits.
  • Gain insight into the power of your brain on your sleep quality.
With your contribution, you’ll help us create a sleep solution for the millions of people who aren’t satisfied with their sleep quality!

Your committment

  • Test the product for 6 weeks – Everyday you’ll get to listen to personalized soundscapes while your brain waves are recorded through a headband. 
  • Track your sleep habits through sleep diary.
  • Share with us your feedback on the technology.