A Drowzee Sleep Intelligence article:

How anxiety and depression influences your sleep

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It’s no secret that good, quality sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy life. However, it doesn’t always help to preach about the importance of sleep. It might actually get opposite effect for people having sleep problems.

Most sleep problems are due to inside head, mental. By having mental issues like anxiety and depression

They can have troubles with waking up in the middle of the night.


There are 2 factors contributing to sleep issues with anxiety. Mental aspect and biological and chemical aspect.

When you have anxiety you get higher levels of cortisol. This makes your brain more active and alert, comes from primal insting should be afraid. SAD – transfer to sleep. When sleeping, you can awake by small distractions.

Anxiety is also one of the common reasons for insomnia. because of the mental thing. Thoughts going on in your head. What is often the case, is that by being afraid of not getting 8 hours of sleep, will actually make your sleep worse. The smartest people realize you don’t actually need 8 hours, might be enough with less.

Sleep quality can be more important than sleep length. It is a smart idea to try to reduce nighttime awakenings and get deeper sleep.


Depression takes life energy away. It makes you tired and hopeless. You get filled with hopelessness. and that sucks. How does this influence sleep? Two things, either sleep more, or trouble sleep. If you’re depressed and sleep a lot, that’s better than if you’re depressed and sleep little.

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