Retrain your natural ability to fall asleep with Pendulum Therapy!

Choose your favorite soundscape.

The pendulum technique for sleep
Pendulum offers a wide range of sound experiences to help you relax.

Pair the Pendulum app with your EEG headset.

pendulum app
Pendulum is compatible with multiple electroencephalography (EEG) headsets. Once connected, the headset reads your brain waves in real-time.

Pendulum will guide you towards a sleepy mind.

pendulum therapy
Pendulum analyzes your brain waves and plays personalized audio feedback to let you know when your mind is getting sleepy.

Download the official Pendulum app!

pendulum app & therapy

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Pendulum should be used BEFORE going to bed, as keeping your bedroom and sleep environment free of disturbing elements is very important for sleep quality.

We recommend using the Pendulum during the evening. This is what most our users do. Try using the Pendulum for 15-30 minutes instead of for instance Netflix.

Individual requirements will vary based on how much time you spend learning and how consistent you train over time. For most people, 2-3 months should be enough. Maintenance can be done with a months interval until it sticks for life.

Expect to see results after 2-4 weeks. Keep in mind, this is a new technology and you will learn an entirely new way of computer interaction. For most people, 10-20 days is necessary for adaption, but it might take longer.

The results gained from the Pendulum is long-lasting, and will benefit you for life. However, before it sticks for life it might be necessary with some maintenance training over time.