Pendulum knows what a sleepy brain looks like
Background music and audio rewards guide you towards a deep state of relaxation reinforcing sleepiness.


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24 min / day

Use the Pendulum 24 minutes in the evenings for optimal results.


3-months of product support and personal follow-up.

Natural sleep

Reinforce your brains natural 'noise-cancelling' to sleep better.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Understand that results vary and might take some time. This is a new technology and adaption is necessary. For most people it takes 10-20 days before you start seeing results.

Yes, if you would like to continue after the 3 month period you will be able to keep the Pendulum on a monthly subscription.

No! Your bedroom and sleep environmet should be free of disturbing elements and gadgets. Sleep hygiene is important, and the Pendulum should be used before going to bed.

We recommend using the Pendulum during the evening. To make it easier, you should try to do it before or after a habit you already have, such as eating dinner.

The results gained from the Pendulum is long-lasting, and will benefit you for the rest of your life. However, if you would like to keep improving or see your sleep start degrading, you can always come back for more.

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