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Exleep – a Dashboard for Sleep Professionals

As a Sleep Professional, the complexity and depth of your field require innovative solutions that go beyond traditional methodologies.

At Drowzee Analytics, we recognize this need.

That’s why we create digital tools to take the Sleep Healthcare community to the next level in terms of:

  • Patient Care
  • Quality
  • Efficacy.

Modern tools can change patients lives.

Exleep = Real Value

We have been bringing real value to professionals that partner with us, leading them to a broader understanding of their patients’ sleep and disorders.

Our flagship sleep dashboard Exleep introduces a new dimension to your practice, offering these benefits:

💻 Modern sleep data collection for all your patients.
📊 Intuitive visualizations, allowing to spot patterns and long-term trends in the data.
⚙️ Easier and faster creation of personalized treatments.
⏱️ Speedy on-boarding process of patients, allowing you to spend your appointments’ time on what really matters.
📱 Continuous communication with your patients that increase their engagement with the treatments.

Exleep gives you the keys to understanding, to unlocking personalized treatments, and ultimately, to transforming lives 🏆

That is what’s the most important.

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Exleep Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at what Exleep allows the healthcare professional to achieve:

1. Collect a Variety of Patient Data

Patients use our free LucidLink app to collect data automatically through the wearables they already own or manually through a daily questionnaire.

This data is then sent to Exleep:

  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Average Total Sleep
  • Average Time in Bed
  • Sleep Onset Latency
  • Time to Bed and Out of Bed
  • Heart Rate*
  • Heart Rate Variability*
  • And More

This allows you to access and analyze your patients’ sleep data, all in one digital platform. You don’t have to change your workflow – Exleep seamlessly integrates with EG Hano via an API, providing you with additional valuable data right where you need it.

Please note:

  • Parameters marked as * will be captured if the patient uses a wearable that allows it.
  • All sleep parameters can be captured even if the patient doesn’t have a wearable — our advanced algorithms correctly convert their sleep questionnaire answers into data you can visualize.

2. Uncover Patterns, Trends, and Personalize Treatments

With the intuitive way Exleep presents the data, you can detect patterns and long-term trends in your patients’ sleep habits that might have been missed otherwise.

With these invaluable insights, you can tailor treatments to the individual, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each person under your care.

3. Continuous Care and Communication

With Exleep’s dashboard, you can easily monitor your patients’ progress and maintain an open communication channel, by sending them notifications directly to their phones.

Show your patients you truly care for their well-being. This will keep them motivated, and consistently engaged with their treatments.

4. Save Time and Enhance Patient Experience

Our platform is designed to streamline your practice. You can let your patients fill out digital sleep questionnaires, or directly collect sleep data with their gadgets, even before their had their first appointment.

This means you can use your valuable consultation time to focus on personalized treatment strategies and building a strong doctor-patient relationship, rather than on data collection.

5. No Risk, Plenty of Opportunity

You can see all these benefits for yourself by trying our free trial.

Only after you safely evaluate if we bring you genuine value or not, will we discuss entering further mutually beneficial agreements 🤝🏻

“Have been looking for a service that can help me at the Sleep Clinic. Drowzee’s app helps me keep track of my patients’ progress in a clear way with high-quality. It saves time and prevents inaccurate feedback. Because of this, I have been able to give the patients much better treatment. The collaboration with Drowzee has been impeccable. They have taken all my feedback to make changes and improvements quickly.”

Are you interested in this opportunity? Then it’s time.

Time to transform your practice, and to revolutionize sleep health.

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