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Redefining Sleep in the Modern World

We have shaped our environment in ways no other species has, and we’ve done it, in comparison to the vast timeline of life on Earth, in the blink of an eye.

That means that evolutionarily speaking, we are still similar to our ancestors. However, we now live in a radically different environment.

One way that has changed is how we now struggle with getting perfect sleep due to modern life’s constant stimuli and demands.

Except, you don’t actually believe our ancestors had perfect sleep, do you?

It’s well-known that evolution doesn’t aim for perfection but survival instead.

Drowzee Analytics recognizes that everyone lives within certain constraints and limitations and may not be able to achieve that elusive perfect sleep everyone keeps talking about.

So drop that notion and start considering improving your sleep within those constraints.

This way, we continue to honor our evolutionary past and try to adapt and prosper in whatever environment we’re put in.

If this means achieving more while being given less, so be it. Life has been doing that for millions of years.

You can take a step in this direction through the tools we have made available to you.

With LucidLink, you can track your sleep and habits and find correlations that tell you what actually improves your sleep and what doesn’t. If you do more of the former and less of the latter, you will enter a recursive self-improvement effort that can get you very efficient with your sleep.

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