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Sleep Diary Solutions

Here at Drowzee Analytics, we provide sleep diary solutions to both regular people and sleep professionals alike. Here are our products:

  1. LucidLink: a sleep diary app for regular people who want to track their sleep.
  2. Exleep sleep dashboard: a dashboard for Sleep Professionals that tracks sleep data from all patients using LucidLink.
LucidLink: Sleep Diary app
Exleep: Patient Sleep Diary Tracking for Professionals

Q: Who is the LucidLink app for?

LucidLink is for regular people looking to track their sleep in a digital sleep diary app.

Q: Can the LucidLink sleep diary be used without Exleep?

Yes. If you are looking for a sleep diary app to track your sleep, LucidLink is what you’re looking for.

Beyond that simple use, LucidLink can also connect with sleep professionals who use the Exleep dashboard, allowing them to work closely with you and your sleep data. If this is something you’d be interested in, send us an email to and we’ll send you a list of currently available sleep professionals you can work with (soon you’ll be able to do this from within the app).

Q: Who is Exleep for?

Exleep is a sleep dashboard for Sleep Professionals and Researchers.

Q: Is Exleep compatible with the LucidLink app?

Yes. Exleep collects data from patients who use the LucidLink sleep diary app, which collects sleep data, either manually or automatically, through wearables like Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Q: What are the advantages of Exleep?

In a nutshell, Exleep brings the following benefits to professionals:

💻 Modern sleep data collection for all your patients.
📊 Intuitive visualizations, allowing to spot patterns and long-term trends in the data.
⚙️ Easier and faster creation of personalized treatments.
⏱️ Quick onboarding process of research subjects, freeing up more time for core analysis.
📱 Continuous communication with subjects that increase their engagement with the treatments.